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URGENT: All Access Insurance Policies are Terminated effective April 12, 2018

All Access Insurance Policies to be Terminated by April 12, 2018

Access Insurance Accusations - What they Mean and What Policyholders Should Do.

In an investigation held by the California Department of Insurance on March 13, 2018, the department found several violations made by Access Insurance. The insurer was accused of "not carrying out contracts in good faith." According to the Department's report, the allegations range from failing to settle liabilities, failing to advise consumers of benefits, deceptive strategies utilized to avoid paying a claim, as well as lying to their policyholders.

Allegations and Penalties

Reasons like this could cost the insurance company up to $10,000 per allegation. With over 44 accusations being held against Access Insurance. Apart from these allegations, the Department made another report, claiming Access Insurance had failed to pay over millions of dollars in taxes, as well as penalties. To top it all off, a liquidation order was issued by the Texas Department of Insurance. The overall effect of this situation has left consumers in utter dismay.

Consumer Safety, A Top Priority

Consumers who currently insure with Access Insurance are recommended to switch to another insurance provider immediately. The deadline for Access Insurance’s termination falls on April 12, 2018. Insurance Commissioner, Dave Jones, had assured consumers to not lose faith in the department’s decision, as equality and fair insurance to consumers remains a top priority. Current Access Insurance policyholders must be vigilant, as well as in the search of another insurance provider.

For Current Policyholders

If you are enrolled with Access, you need to take a few important steps. For those who have recently submitted a claim to Access, should be aware that the insurance company won’t actually be handling your claim directly. Instead, the California Insurance Guarantee Association (CIGA) will review your claim. CIGA should provide you with a deadline for when your policy with them will be completely terminated. Should you need to contact them, you can find their information on their website. If you do NOT live in California, don't fret. Your state's guaranty association will handle all claims instead of Access.

What's Best for You

In conclusion, all current Access Insurance policyholders must find a new insurance provider as soon as possible. When considering a new insurance provider, it’s important to review every option available to you, as well as deciphering which policy is best suited for your coverage needs. A great way to obtain advice when considering a new insurance, is by speaking to Univision insurance Services, located in Los Angeles, California tell: 310-299-5555

Please review our commonly asked questions regarding the transfer process

Q: Who do I contact if I need help transferring a policy? A: Univision Insurance Services 310-299-5555 between 10:00am - 9:00pm EST. Q: Who do I contact for questions or issues on a Nations Insurance policy through Access? A: Access Customer Service at 877.353.9838 between 10:00am - 9:00pm EST. Q: What is the Access address for mailing payments? A: PO Box 105871 Atlanta GA 30346 Q: What is the Access Underwriting email? A: Q: What is the Access Customer Service email? A:

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